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I found myself over on Wooster Collective and thought, "It's time to blog." My schedule in the alternate dimension has changed for the... 3rd? No... 4th time in as many weeks (fewer, but who's counting?), and I am tending to lose time. I kinda like the new schedule. It allows me actual time, in greater quantities, which means I can spend said time drawing and practicing.

I am 39 years old and I want to be a tattoo artist.

I hit Wooster from boingboing from the roll to the right.


Hosting of said roll has recently-

(as of... yesterday? It's 4:30. In the a.m. My days/nights are so fucked it's not even funny. Not today when I woke up at noon, [to which someone is thinking to themselves, "NUH-UH! It's yesterday, you stupid git"] which means my today, not other people's idea of today, which generally includes things like Good Morning, [insert town name here] or Wake Up! With Tammy & Steve [and the ambersand is very ornate and rather fem so you know Steve is gay but it's not talked about... not before breakfast because this IS Amurrka, after all] thus ends our first tangent of darkneuro's insomnia for the day)

-started putting ad links at the top of every page you click on, so I'm going to go back to doing it the old fashioned way and just add it as an element within the blog itself. Such a pain. Discovered tonight (my night). So. To all who have been unwittingly spammed with ads, please accept my sincerest apologies. There was no notice (that I noticed, to be clear. Please don't email me or comment how everyone was notified and I just must have missed it. Thank you.) and it will be rectified as soon as I take the time to sit down and just do it.

Which is an ad for a shoe in and of itself, you know?

Food TV is on in the background and it's Al Roker. Perhaps it is... whatever morning show he did or does or whatever.

Os had up a surprise link. No, I'm not spreading the madness. Go explore all that is Os if you really want your eyes to burn. And no.... I'm not talking about gorgeous flesh. Just... It cannot be unseen.

Thin Mints can make it a little better. As does changing the background hum from infomercial to shows from 2 years ago on BBCa, which is a little condescending, but, hey... It's Amurrka [insert 1 smirk]. My other favorite cookie from the little people is the Samoa. Mayhap I'll search them out. The little people, I mean. Stock up. They freeze well. I'm going to leave 3 cookies. I will hunt for the little people tomorrow. They will have cookies.

I was never a girlscout. I was a Blue Bird. Mom still has a little frame thingy I made. We also went horseback riding, pizza party, music... It was fun.

I have to place a Superior order. I need stencil paper, lots of needles, inks, some more caps, I'm going to order gloves if I can't find them locally (medium is a popular size), I want a book or 15 (not going to get 15, but it will be a long and involved process choosing the one(s) I want). I'm picking Mar up a temp tattoo pen like I picked up in my last order. Sic-un wants to pick up a machine again. If he does, and he can, I want one from him. Some machine parts, like everything in the 'customization' kit, but coupled with the (few) pieces I have already to make a good repair kit.

I have a sudden desire to make a graphic that I will hate myself for...
Forgive the color of said picture. It's a photo of a photoposter the joker in the household hung on the wall eons ago. And there it still is. It's... very odd. Yes, I get the irony. There is a 'ohmygodhowcutegushgushgushkitten' poster on my wall by my computer. Read that again. Me. My. Dear Reader... you KNOW me. You know. You do. You know what lurks within.

Which reads as some strangely ominous thing, but isn't, really. I'm nice. Really. A bit twisted, perhaps... odd? Maybe? But not ominous. Very tired, but not sleepy. And if I lay down while not sleepy, I'll just lay there, for hours and hours. At any rate, there is a large pirate flag on the other wall. I am considering the purchase of another, plus a flag pole. Halloween is only... 7 months away. I have a vague germ of 1/2 an idea, but need to consider logistics. May just say PFFFFFT and request it away from the alternate dimension. We'll see when the time comes.

Sic-un's mother is coming into town. His mom. His Mother.
I'm a bit nervous, but not too much and feel good about meeting her. He was wonderful enough to accompany me to Ark. and meet Mom and Mom digs him and all, at least, I think she does, but he was wonderful enough to, you know? So I am looking forward to it and jsut a smidge nervous, which is understandable.

Please note that it has taken... an hour and 1/2 to write the above. I'm getting myself distracted. Shopping. Popping over there. And then the sacchrine delight -read that as kittens- above.

We discussed bathtubs today. My dream bathroom consists of a Japanese-style soaking bath, a real 'fresher, a proper one. For squirmy fun. I figure about the size of the opening to the kitchen (7'x4') and about 4' deep. With a shower right there although not necessarily in the bath. As always, I recommend Heinlen. He had the right idea. I recaulked the tub, too. But I fucked up. Picked up the clear caulk instead of the white. Now you can see the ickyness of the removal of the last caulking. The previous... 3? I think I peeled 3 layers... of caulk had cemented on in this one area. Had to practically chisel, which chipped a bit more than chiselled, before I was satisfied it was enough off. YOU CAN'T ADMIRE MY CAULK JOB. And I did a grand job, too. All you can see is where the wallstuff they used in the remodel in the (estimated) late 60's, early 70's meets up with the (tres vintage!) blue bathtub.

I need to put out the new bathroom rugs, while I think of it. And the towels need washed. Laundry tomorrow. And vaccuuming. And I have to pick up stuff. I have stuff lying all over and it's been driving me nuts. But I haven't had enough time to just do it. And when you only have 1/2 an hour or so to clean before getting kitted for the alternates, you tend to not clean because you know [oh how you know!] it won't stay that way. And after you're back, you're so... the feeling is wrung out... Just absolutely have nothing left to give. You've talked your throat raw, your eyes are crossing from staring madly into the streams, and if one more person walks up and makes a poor joke because they see people you actually like making jokes and think "AH-HA!" so insist on coming up to you even though you have ZERO interest? Well, you have the potential to go postal. I'm not idle, no, not by any stretch of anyone's imagination, much less my own. This is also known as the "Rather than just think dirty thoughts about your co-conspirators in the alternate dimensions" way of life for me. I've visted there for 9 days straight as of tonight. I have tomorrow here instead of there... Tomorrow meaning I've finally fallen into deep, sweet slumber for at least 4.5 hours (which is the recent timespike). And then I can work here for a bit. And if I'm correct, I don't have to be back until 8 in the eve on Freya's day.

Fuck. Birds.

And yes. It's now 30 of the 6. Of, not to. To would make it an hour ago and it's not. Not unless you're in the Central time zone. Yes. A.M.

I feel voracious lately.

zoney. And that sentence above it that paragraph there really doesn't make sense, but....

Fuck it. Bedtime for me. Good morning to you. Have some tea.

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