Ready... Set.....

.... So I have my stencil done, I'm eating my muesli (organic soy milk, too), Sic-un's in the Alternate Dimension, and I'm going to get, at the very least, the outlining done.

One of my biggest time eaters with the tattooing is the stenciling process. I don't have a thermographic printer, can't afford one (I've seen them for as low as $700, and as high as $1700), so all stencils are drawn by hand. After completing the drawing, I pulled the first sheet off the master (we remember dittos... Kids today? Not so much), set it over the drawing and then traced it off. I used the ruler to keep the lines clean, so no worries there.

Then I took that first sheet and taped it back into position on the carbon layer to trace over it with ballpoint. Used the ruler there too.

Then you compare/contrast and decide which elements need to be transferred over to the skin and add/subtract as necessary. I am going to be transferring the fan's fold lines over. I'm hoping to get a 'guide', so to speak, for the shading I'll be attempting in the fan's background.

So I'm eating my muesli and contemplating ink. I want at least the outline done without any fuckups.

After meal.... then ink. More after that happens.

Oh, and if anyone wants to get me a Thermofax (tm), you're more than welcome to. It would make the process a smidge easier.

(photos are, in order, drawing, comparison and placement)

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