What is done....

...cannot be undone, which is just fine by me. Outline and sticks, done. 10 days-2 weeks and we'll get leaves and background done.

This is checkin' the stencil placement. You can see the hash marks at the top and bottom for where I had it placed.

First lines.

No turning back!

2/3 done with the outline. Just as a note, the inside of the thigh stings like a muthafucka...

Outline done. Now for some fill.

And here's some experimentation with shading. I'm actually trying to make the sticks look wood-ish.

And the wood experiment, while not a COMPLETE success, will shape up nicely on the next go-round. I unintentionally left some holes in the black/brown combinations, but am planning on adding light brown highlights, if not white highlights. I did happen to play with the magnum, the 7, but I'd really like to see it in use up close and personal. This is where not being an apprentice really dicks with my head. I'm doing all this on my own, which means quite a bit of trial and error. Depending on how it heals up, I may overlay all the sticks with the background fabric color of the fan. That would be teal, by the way, just in case you were wondering.

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Whirlbrain said...

So far so good as I can tell.

mmcbryar said...

Look awesome hon! As if there was any other option, after all, you did it!