Things to think about....

...on a cloudy Saturday before LUMP-in-law arrives.

See? Cloudy.

*We're all moving at approximately 66K miles right now. Really. You're standing on Mom Earth, right? Mom Earth is hurtling around the sun at approximately 66,000 mph all the time. That means YOU are moving through space at @66,000 mph all the time.

* I have to 'stage' the house. Pick up... stuff. Make sure things aren't out that shouldn't be out. Sic-un has changed his screensaver from the hypnotic dance of nudes to the file containing pictures of our trip to meet my 'rents in Arkansas. It is symmetry of a sorts.

* There is no reason for a throw pillow to cost more than a bed pillow. Period. ARGH!

* It is my firm belief that EVERYONE should have at least ONE house plant. My little vine -from the 3" cutting I took from a reportedly 'infected' plant at work and planted into the lower portion of a soda bottle- has gone nuts.

The thyme, however, is a different story.

* I need to think about doing the blogroll changeover.

* Perhaps the honeybees are going away because humanity has fucked with the genetic structure of their food too much. Just a thought.

* When I first found Jones Soda Cola (of course, my can is red, not white and blue) at the store here, they only stocked 2 12-packs every two weeks or so. Now they stock approximately 6 12-packs a week. It's on constant rotation now. In a strange way, I'm proud of this.

* It's all just conjecture, really, isn't it? I think, therefore I am and all that? Pure conjecture.

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Whirlbrain said...

That thyme isn't having a good time is it?