It's a rather Charlie Brown-ish exclamation, and that's rather how I feel right now.
Sic-un's mother comes in Sunday.

Let's let that sink in a bit...

The spare bedroom, while not dressed, is clean and cleaned out and the furniture is set. I have to return the oh-so-lovely bed-in-a-bag I bought and get the right size. Silly me... I bought a queen size, which is our bed, not a full, which is the guest bed. I'm also hoping the dollar place will have some throw pillow things of various sizes and/or colors to put on the living room chairs. So I'm looking at a trip to the dollar place, then go about 100 yards down the road to the big box retailer that had the $49.99 bed-in-a-bags (it's cute, really, it's got a maroon, tan and khaki patch-print with green bamboo shoots coming up in mostly the maroon, but they've mixed in some...well, it looks bronze bits too. Full set of clothes, but the bed still needs pillows, so that's a trip to the other big box retailer, located more-or-less right across the street from there. Then I go down maybe 50 yards, in the same shopping center as the first b.b.r and food shop at the grocery that sends me coupons every so often that I rarely use.
I have 1 more 12 hour shift in the alternate dimension and then I'm off work for a week minus one. I need this time. Of course, I could use a wee bit less stress than a visit from a L.U.M.P.-in-law (Living with UnMarried Partner-in-law). Now I know how Sic-un felt going to go see my family. In this case, it's just his mom.

But the carpet... Sic-un's previous roommates had better not show up expecting anything except contempt from me, if not downright violence. I've spent what... 2? 3? weeks now on my days off cleaning up their messes. I tackled the carpet in the spare room last night. Now, instead of being black-ish, sticky, gummy and icky, it's dingy and it smells clean. Still feels a bit tacky, which means I'm probably going to throw the pink wool rug down. 14 sunflower seeds were liberated from various points in the room. 3 push pins were found by the already damaged vaccuum cleaner belt and summarily spit back out. I hung art on the walls! My first (!) Rollins poster, my Deco train poster and my Deco post cards of autos. My psuedo yet suede spirit mask thingy I made Gramma is on the wall. I got it back when she died. I think she enjoyed it. It's good for a trip, at any rate. Looks like it's growing out of the walls. I also have an air freshener thingy open. Maybe open too much. It's strong right now. The oh-so-generic 'citrus' scent.

I'm looking at having burgers grilled, grilled pork roast, roast turkey breast, potentially a trip to Big Ed's Pizza, and there's always China Wok take out and Venice delivery. If you're in town, hit Big Ed's, it's good pizza. China Wok is decent Chinese food, and Venice is a local pizza/sandwich delivery trying to change their image to higher class sit-down. I get my gyros from there when I have a yen. It's not Olympia Cafe in Albuquerque (another local favorite, just a different local), but they do deliver, and so few places around here do. There's Venice or pizza-chain.

OK. Gotta go to the stores before they close. Drive-time traffic, or what there is of it around here, is over.

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