SB, the recipient of Fire, wanted a butterfly and actually found the design she wanted on the 'net. I haven't felt that I've been good enough to do something that intricate. However, after working on the fan on my leg (still have to do the background of the teal, it's coming along nicely and it feels like it's healing fast), my confidence became a little stronger. Anyhoo, it was decided that we'd do her ink today. Packed everything up, jumped on the bike with Sic_un and off we went. This is after staying up until 6 am (curse you insomnia!). I've also started taking the time to do drawings of what I tattoo (Mar!! You get yours when we fix the Eye!)
So. The pictures below are:
The drawing
The stencil
The outline
1/2 way through the black fill
Black fill and purple nodules

Outline: 3L, 6/20/09
Fill: 8S, 7M, 6/20/09
Colors: Prizm Tribal Black, Light Purple, White
Subject: SB/Butterfly

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