Come back to the five & dime....

It's been a LOOOOOOONG time, hasn't it?
I'd apologize, but I've had a really sucky July (S.J) and I would really rather NOT apologize for having such an S.J..... Part of this non-apologetic behavior is because the Alternate Dimension moved me back to the phones. People, I would hope (being friends o'mine--and several have worked the same call-centers I have!) that you would never-ever-never-ever cuss out the person on the other end of the line, no matter what you're calling about. Not kosher.
So work has been part of the SJ.
Another part of the SJ is that I got sick at the alternate dementia, during training, actually.
Yeah, sick.
Middle of the freakin' summer and I get a cold. My seat in training was right under the A/C vent that handles the entire front of the 30K square foot building. I was having 60 degree cold blowing on me for 2 weeks. Tends to lower your resistance, and I don't know about where you work, but things spread like wildfire through the call centers.
So I had an ear infection and laryngitis. On the 3rd week of it, I decided it had gone on too long and went to the dr. They were going to give me prednisone again, and I probably would be ALL BETTER if they had, but I talked them out of it.
If you think I'm crazy now, you should see me on prednisone. I turn insane. Seriously, damaging-ly insane. So they gave me antibiotics and some albuterol (ooooh....legal speed!!!) and I'm (mostly) better now.
But then my insomnia kicked in.
And they started mandatory OT in the alternate dementia...

And they turned down my vacation (it was open when I requested it, and most of the days are still showing open!) but apparently I can't take vacation? WHAT??

I can re-request it, but it may take an act of showing my ass to get it.
I don't want to show my ass over this. I want to have my 5 days off in a row so I can finish my leg tattoo and I want 4 days off so I can spend Sic-un's long weekend with him.

A new job or winning the lottery would be nice, but in this economy, yadda yadda yadda...

In other news, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY, Whirlbrain! ... I missed it, I'm sorry. I saw your post, and was just too damn tired to say it then, so...

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! I'm throwing confetti in your general direction.

I miss my nephew. His voice has changed, he's growing up, and all I wanna do is wander around some of the museums with him.

I miss my momma.

I miss (and I never thought I'd EVER say this)...I miss the sand. I miss the dry. I miss seeing stars.... Yeah, stars. Yeah, we have them here, but.... They call them the Smoky Mountains for a reason, you know.... Mist rising from the valleys and over the top of the ridges and you don't see ANYTHING in the sky. You're lucky if the moon shows its face. So I miss the sky, the open-open sky.
I miss driving straight highways. All of ours are loopy.
I miss drying clothes in a dryer and having them still be dry when you take them out that evening, or the next day. I'm tired of drying clothes and leaving them and having them just have to be re-dried because of the humidity levels.

Oooh. Just remembered. Must. Change. A/C. Filter.
I think I'll do that now.
Hold on.
OK. Changed.

Anyway, there's a whole list of things I miss. I even miss the elegant simplicity of my allergies from Russian thistle. There is no Russian thistle here, just kudzu. And junipers. And lots and lots of unknown plants that leave yellow pollen sticky in the humidity over everything.

So I bide my time and I take the bullshit because you have to in order to have a paycheck above minimum wage in this town. The desert chewed me up and spit me out and now its siren song calls me again...

Damn, I'm rather poetic tonight, aren't I?

C'mon lottery....c'mon lottery.....

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