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I don't like talking about cleaning. I've never liked doing it, can find what I'm looking for thanks to the very small, very organized person that lives in my head (this vs,vo person sometimes takes weird paths, but can usually find what I want, no matter where I initially left it, then moved it to). So I can live with my clutter, and really don't *like* cleaning. I don't like to vacuum, I don't like washing dishes, and I really hate scrubbing toilets.

Then one of the myriad Marts (K, Wal, or S) had vacuums on sale. Our vacuum is an old beast Richard picked up from his last place he rented from our current landlord. Free vacuum. It's avocado green, a Hoover Convertible upright, from (near as I can tell, at least) the mid-seventies. You have to buy bags and belts online because it is so old you cannot find them locally. The vacuums at the *Mart were only $35, even though they were in funky colors.

The colors piss me off. They're designed to go with the whole 'line' of household goods you're supposed to saddle your kid with going off to college. Funky colors like lime green and bright orange and toxic purple. Are we sending 3 year olds off to college? Please. The *Mart was out of the toxic colors and only had the original color, red. For $42, not $35.

Fuck it, I thought. I'll buy it.


Our carpet was filthy. Horrendously filthy. I just vacuumed. Better, I just vacuumed without having to check to make sure we had bags and a belt or 2 (we don't have any belts for the old one. None. Not looking forward to finding them for it, either. Once you add in shipping, the belts come out to something like $25 apiece. Not very economical.). I just put the sucker together (clip the handle down into the body), plugged it in and... vacuumed. And the carpet is clean. I had to empty the little cup thing twice (not the fault of the vacuum, but of the lazy hausfrau), but it's clean.

I feel accomplished and am contemplating vacuuming at least 2x a week.

Not a good thing. Or is it?

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