I've been incredibly remiss about updating lately. My only excuse is OT at the AD. That's "OverTime at the Alternate Dimension"... People seem to think I should be overjoyed at the overtime and gobble up as much overtime as I can possibly get, up to and including volunteering for the damn hours. No. Not gonna, don't wanna. So, the AD pulls the 'It's part of the handbook' card. I say "If you MUST give mandatory OT, it means you don't have enough people". That's logical, so it doesn't fly. It means I've been working incredibly long days (11 hours? Talking to wits who argue about troubleshooting? JOY!) and have very little time for just me.
So why am I home early today (approx. 1.75 hours early)? I'm tired. That's all. I'm tired. I took the 1/2 incident to my attendance and I came home. Now I need to unwind so I can go to bed and get sleep. I'll give it about another hour before I'm out. And starting Friday, I'm off work for 5 days. I'm going to finish my fan, and redo the fill on Mari's Eye Friday/Saturday. Then I'm planning on sleeping and cleaning and generally goofing off.
But I thought I'd take a brief moment for the 'This is news?' and 'Can we say 'should have seen it coming'?' files... It's amazing what's going on out there the people don't think anything about...
(yes, it's Yahoo news. It's a one-stop shop for the sublimely ridiculous)
First up, THIS little gem. Look, lemme tell you something ladies. If your boyfriend lives in his mother's basement into his 40's?? Something is very very wrong. And if your boyfriend wants your help in raping infants? Something is very very wrong, but not only with him, the problem is also with you. Get help. PLEASE.
Next, we have the loverly "This looks good" salad mixes in Germany.... Guys, if you cannot identify it with certainty, don't throw it in my salad. I do have to laugh, though... "Samples were sent to the University of Bonn for testing, which detected more than 2,500 micrograms of poison -- 2,500 times more than the recommended daily allowance -- in 150 grams of salad, German media reported." .... The poison is 2500 times more than the RDA... You give an RDA for cyanide too??? Hmmmmm.....
Then there's the 'If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is' stupidity.... If you have fallen for this scam, then you deserve what you get, sorry. Use your heads, people. It's not hard. Does it make sense? If not, don't do it.
THIS is why I get money from my bank, not the random convenience kiosks. Convenience usually means it costs more...You didn't figure that out with the $2 12 ounce soda you just bought? Silly goose....
Let's give a round of applause for the parents of the year, shall we? I personally think children should be an IQ test item, but that's me. You can go to the first blurb above for my thoughts.

So, it is with great disgust at the imbecility of this nations lower IQ people that I bid you good night (it's only 8PM! OMGWTFBBQ?????).
See you on the flip side, should be with pictures.


Whirlbrain said...

My step father's family used a similar "cleansing" scam.

They would have the mark bury their "cursed" money in certain place at a certain time. The rest is history.

Darkneuro said...

And again.... If you fall for it, you deserve what you get. Con games have been going on for YEARS...and people STILL fall for it.
Can't get somethin' for nothin'.