Ahhhh.....The Weekend...

...the 4 Day Weekend, that is.
Yes, the 4 day weekend is a marvelous invention known as "I take 2 days off, paid, and don't have to do anything".
This weekend, Sic-un's son came to visit. Good kid. Cute kid. Well-behaved. He made his bed! Eats like a horse, doesn't say much, blushes becomingly, but is a good sport.
Did I cook? No. Well, made breakfast, but that doesn't really count. Anyone can scramble eggs. We ended up getting Chinese Friday and eating at Hacienda Degollado last night.
Poor kid said when they go out for Mexican, he 'always gets just nachos'.... Last night he had the house special.
I'm grinning. I like it when people give new foods a try. He liked it. This pleases me.
Hell, even Sic-un tasted some of the General Tso's and some of my teriyaki chicken. That's an accomplishment. I'm refusing to ever hold my breath for him to ever EVER like mushrooms, but that's OK. I can live with that quite easily. Usually when I eat mushrooms, it's on pizza (do the 'personal' size and you never have to worry about somebody not liking your topping) or sauteed up with some onions for steak (and I can do that in a separate pan).
So it's leftover Burritos Tampicos for me. I have no idea what that really translates to. On the plate, it's a steak burrito with a real tomato-y red sauce, cilantro laced tomatoes and onions with the strips of steak. And of course, the loverly queso blanco I appreciate so much around here.
In NM, they use cheddar, which is oily on the plate. Here, queso blanco. Mild, creamy, sets off the chiles in a very good way.
I'm currently drawing. Essentially making some traditional style flash. First attempts and all that. I need more practice. Which is another reason for the weekend. No pressure, no tired-ness, no "I gotta get up at 9:30" just....
Pick up the pad and draw.
And while I draw (and finish off the Burritos Tampicos), I'm absorbing the beauty that is the National Parks.

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