It's bad enough I get every forward in existence through my email. Worse, most are political. Coming from a large family, I get both sides of every political discussion.
The latest?
'Forward to other people this dastardly thing that points out that our Mr. President has read/is reading/did read a book called "The Post-American World". FORWARD IT! NOW! The OUTRAGE!!!!'
I can't. I really can't. In good conscience, I cannot -CANNOT- point fingers at anyone for their choice of reading material.
Think about it. This is what leads to Fahrenheit 451. Really. "I don't approve of your reading material". I cannot hold with that.
My current reading list is online porn and a 1971 "Best of" collection of the Hugo winners I'm skipping through (volume 2, not the whole kit'n'kaboodle). I just recently finished Rollins' A Preferred Blur, returned to the library The Book Nobody Read, a da Vinci bio, a very dry and unreadable history of the Victorians, and Kiln People (Richard waded 1/2 way into this, I didn't end up touching it).
I have read everything from Aesop to Zhang. I don't make judgments on my reading materials, and I don't make judgments on other people's reading materials. I cannot judge anyone based on their own reading materials, except to say 'Huh. Sounds like a good book'. I sneer at Twilight (sorry...every time a vampire sparkles, Bela Lugosi spins in his grave), but I won't ever prevent someone from reading it. I may say "It's drek", but I won't stop you from reading it. I'll laugh at you for reading it, but prevent you??? Hell no!
I'm sorry, that's like telling someone "You can't THINK this way"...
GRR. Not allowed. Now I get to email it to my parents and say "Uh, guys, you always encouraged me in my reading no matter what I happened to be reading. Give BO the same courtesy."
After all... I didn't vote for the guy, right?

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Whirlbrain said...

I read the Communist Manifesto and parts of Mien Kampf and The satanic bible.

I must be a pinko, fascist satanist.

Not even close.

In other words, must be a slow (relevant) news week.