I quit!...well..want to.

...I wanna quit calling myself Homo sapiens sapiens, but only because I really have very little in common with the rest of our species.
I just don't get 'us' - humans, people. I really don't.
The latest travesty of intelligence is that poor deluded woman in MA who is seeing Jeebus in the scorchy crud burnt onto the bottom of her iron. They have stuff that takes that off, you know. Instead, she'll be taking a perfectly good iron and never using it again because she sees someone who may or may not have lived c. 2000 years ago. I think this is consumerism at its worst. I say it's a travesty of intelligence because she really, really believes this is her 'special blessing', but it's really just crap on the sole.*

It's pathetic! It's like the whole 'Black Friday' thing... Are we that desperately needy, as a societal whole, to purchase more crap that just ends up in landfills? If we bother to throw any of it away at all, that is. The proliferation of shows like 'Hoarders' and 'Clean House' and ...that Brit show... Oh yes. How Clean Is Your House? These people have THOUSANDS of pieces of...crap. And they don't do anything with it, in fact have become obsessive about it to the point...
Well, let's just say there's too many stories about people buying crap followed by stories of bodies found rotting inside houses filled with crap for there to not be a connection there, at least somewhere. Animals, too, become the unwitting victims of hoarding behavior. They just rescued 80+ horses and mules from a farm here in TN. The animals were all starving to death, infected with who-knows-what...
The hubris astounds me.

I. Am. Sick. Of. It.
I wanna quit being a human, H. sapiens sapiens, person, whatever. I wanna quit. I don't wanna do it any more. We're fucking ourselves with stupidity and we're not even getting a good orgasm out of it, you know?

Do you know what they're teaching kids about the Plymouth pilgrims still? (They, of course, means corporate America and all their purveyors of American History.) Sic-un was kindof amazed, let's see if you are, too!
"The Pilgrims emigrated to America in search of religious freedom."
Let's digest that a mo', shall we? OK? Absorbed? OK. Here we go:
In actuality, they left where they were because they couldn't stomach the other religions around them. They were separatists within their own (Protestant, Calvinist) religion, which doesn't so much mean that others couldn't get along with them, it really is that they didn't want to get along with other people. Does anyone honestly believe you could be any other religion in that community and get away with it? Heh. The stupid thing is that they proved their own insular ideology not 70 years after landing with the whole Salem Witch thing. Those were pilgrims a couple generations down the road. The only 'religious freedom' any of the settlers as a society brought with them was the freedom of religion as seen by the Quakers. They didn't care what you were, as long as you left them alone. I can get behind that. But the pilgrims? Religious freedom?
It is a laugh.

How many tortillas and moldy sandwiches and cruddy irons will it take before we, as a societal whole, give up on the whole 'special blessing' thing? Does it really provide that much of a panacea to say you see the Virgin Mary in a piece of burnt toast? What has gone so wrong for you that you require acknowledgment that you .... what? "This is Elvis in the mold on the side of my refrigerator!" Really? I see mold. I see an iron that needs to be cleaned. I see a 1/2 eaten sandwich. I see a tortilla. I see water spots.

It's not that I don't believe they really see that. I know they do (and actually, Jesus-on-the-iron? I see the outline of Botticelli's Venus, at least from the shoulders up. Has that same sort of slope to it). I just don't see the need to spread word around. Are they that needy? Do they need the granfalloon?

What are they searching for so desperately and why must it be 'news'? The same thing goes for the mad shoppers today. Why are you so desperate to get 20% off X item that you know they won't have anyway because of the hoards of other shoppers out there? Do you need it, or do you just think it will... what? Make you the Prince among Princes? Reinforce your Daddy issues? Somehow make you the Best Parent Ever! winner? Or will it put you into more debt than you already have? Add to growing piles of garbage that you don't use anyway? Are you just trying to feed something in you, your kids, your parents, your friends, the Jones' you're trying so desperately hard to get up to the caliber of? Are you just collecting things, people, animals as some sort of proof of your humanity?

These kinds of things make me want to not be a part of the human race. I actually had someone tell me today they needed to get one of those stupid hamster things. As in "My child will die if I can't somehow transport this stupid toy under the tree". I asked it just that way to be sure, 'You mean to say that your child will die...'. They said "Yes." I turned away, smothered the laugh that threatened and said 'Good luck!' and I meant it. That scared me. I could actually envision this person dressed in a dowdy black dress (button at the collar! her good pearls!**), wailing and trying to throw herself in the grave because little Suzy didn't get the wunderkind rodent and expired as a direct result.

That started me on not really wanting to be associated with the general populace as a whole. I talk to them every single day (and by them, I mean general populace) and it's always the same thing, the same sad attempts at social engineering (which fail, unless I feel generous), the same sob stories, the same pissy attitudes. They're the ones going out shopping today. They're the ones seeing religious and entertainment icons in everyday objects. They're the ones who say religious freedom but really mean 'Do as I do'. Would they rub blue mud in their belly buttons? I think not.

Still, TANSTAAFL, and the only way to get out of this race is to evolve or die, neither of which is an option for me. So I grit my teeth and count to 10, 20 if it's sticky.

*The bottom plate of the iron is called the sole. Gotta give me points for attempting some sort of pun.
** Are there ever bad pearls?


Whirlbrain said...

Didn't you just see that penguin from the comic strip on the side of your house?

Oh yeah, Opus.

I hear ya tho. What gets me is the self-imposed and arrogant sense of entitlement people seem to have, especially around this time.

And speaking of buying more crap, don't forget about the burgeoning Self Storage Industry. Not only does a lot of shit land in landfills, a lot of shit is stuck away in aluminum buildings collecting dust and only slightly remembered when the bill comes.

mmcbryar said...

Can I quit too? Lol keep being you, hon, the rest of the world sucks but you rock!