It's all about the pie...

Pumpkin pie, that is.
I took my jack o'lantern from All Hallow's and baked it off and froze it on the 1st. I made pie with it Friday.
You know how pumpkin pie is always kindof dense and cheesecake-y (for lack of better description)? Mine was fluffy, almost mousse-like.
And it actually should have been more dense. I used 3 cups of pumpkin puree instead of the Libby's Pumpkin Pie Recipe suggestion of 1 3/4 cups. Since I used more pumpkin, I upped the spice (and added 1/2 tsp allspice). That's it. Those are the only serious changes I made to the recipe. Oh, and I changed the order you put things in the bowl, and I'm almost positive that's the difference.
I started with the eggs. Separated, beat the whites just short of meringue, mixed in the yolks one at a time. It was a pale yellow foam. Then I added in the evaporated milk, which made it liquid foam, then the 3 cups of pumpkin, then the sugar and spice mixture (and always nice!) and poured it in the store-bought pie shell.
It's beautiful.


Whirlbrain said...

I'm not a dessert guy, but I am curious. What preparation did you do to the pumpkin? Pureed? Minced? Mashed?

mmcbryar said...

The pie was freaking awesome!!