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Very, very vindicated. I just read THIS ARTICLE. Which goes back to comments I've made in the past towards HFCS: It is bad, it is very bad. I have sought out soda that is more expensive than 'regular' colas (and don't tell me diet, aspartame gives me headaches, bad ones) just because it has real sugar in it (jonessodacola). I don't buy juices that have that crap in it. I won't buy bread that doesn't use real sugar.
Why not? It's all the same, right? The Corn Refiners Association would like you to think so. Up until now, everyone was quick to point out (scientists, media/ad campaigns, the FDA) that the percentages of glucose to fructose were roughly the same in both HFCS and sucrose (that's regular ol' sugar, folks!). I have pointed out in my past incarnation that the chemical bond is missing from HFCS. Your body goes to that extra little step of breaking the chem bond between fructose and glucose in sucrose. Fructose just goes straight to your liver.
I feel vindicated, dammit!

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Whirlbrain said...

We've been consuming this shit for decades. I really don't think it's that big of a deal.

Why is it an issue now? Ethanol.

There's more money in fuel than in foodstuffs. It's not about renewable energy, it's about taking food off of the table and into the gas tanks.

We are addicted to our cars. Any good coke dealer cuts his product.

It's a scam.