To the fucking commercial on the fucking TV because this is the 4th time I've seen it so far today: The headboard/footboard/dresser/nightstand combo you currently have on sale is NOT a 'Bedroom Suit'. It's a BEDROOM SUITE, pronounced SWEET, you fucking fucktard!
A 'bedroom suit' is something you'd see Hef wear. PJs and a smoking jacket. Bedroom Suit. However, a 'bedroom suite' is the lot of furniture you're attempting to get people to buy.
Suite=number of things forming a series or a set
Suit=a set of clothing, armor, or the like, intended for wear together.
So yes... The 3 piece lingerie set? It's a suit. The 3 piece living room combo? It's a SUITE.


Sic_un said...

well, shucks dern sweets.I recon y'all fergot you-uns was in the south, and here in the south it is pronounced suit.
But don't you worry your pretty lil head none, we are fixen-ready-to start talking keerect

Whirlbrain said...

What about in real estate where there is an empty lot and the sign says "Will build to suit?"

I mean it's a building so wouldn't that be build to suite?