turning on the lights

Anyone here?
Oh. Hi.
It's been forever, I know, but I've been incredibly busy.

This past week? Training. 11-8, Saturday and Sunday off. Same thing for 2 more weeks.
One week ago today? I had finished a cram class for my Property and Casualty Insurance Examination.
Yeah, cram class.
One week, 40 hours, taught to the exam.
Had to, for the job. If I tell you anything more on that, I'll have to turn in my badge.

This morning, I got up at 6:45, for no good reason. Noon saw me in my car getting my happy butt down to Farragut for fingerprinting.
State rules require the TN Bureau of Investigation have my prints on file for my state license for the aforementioned P/CIE. There go my dreams of pulling off the heist of the century. Sigh. They'll know who I am now.

I passed the state test(s) [one property, one casualty] (obviously). They allow 3 hours, I took it in 1 hour, 20 minutes, and that included going back through the entire test(s) to check my answers. I can't tell you what my score was, I don't know. But I received a very official looking form that says I passed. Some didn't.
My goal? Get out of the campaign I was in.
I have. This is a good thing.
Just got home.
Sic-un is out on a ride. It's the first really pretty pretty day off we've had in awhile. I had to do fingerprints, he has to ride.
I'd be out there with him, if I could. I kept passing motorcyclists on the way there and back and was very envious.
But one thing and another has happened and my savings are back down to nil and kaput, so a bike is out for another year. The new campaign comes with a pay raise, so if I keep on the same path I am (saving what I can, being a cheapskate), I may have a bike in a couple years.
My valve cover gasket on my car blew. Thank the stars it was *just* the valve cover gasket. Thank stars too for the GBN. That's Goodol'BoyNetwork for those who may not have guessed. $80 and a day, it's done.
Just in time to run into someone at the grocery store who I really didn't want to run into.
"Is THAT THING still on the road???" Don't insult the Blue. Mine still runs and has cost me, beyond basic maintenance/tires and gas, a whopping $380 in parts and labor. And it STILL gets 40 mpg. Fuck you and your brand new Impala.
Sic-un has a head cold. I'm fighting it tooth and nail and hopefully it's not going to be too bad. I'm still hoping it's allergies, but who knows anymore. The pollen is thick on the window and I can still (somewhat) breathe and see...No itchy eyes, no hives. Now, 'round about this time in Albuquerque and I'd be reaching for the meds.

What else...what else....oooh. S.o.S-u is in heaps of trouble. Started again on the 'I wanna live with Dad'. Fine by us, but it's not going to be roses and champagne if he does move in. Chores. OOOOHhhh, the garden would look pretty! Dishes would be done! By someone else!

Speaking of which, I should wash them. Love you all!

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