Here comes the woman with the look in her eye
Raised on leather with flesh on my mind
Words as weapons, sharper than knives
Makes you wonder how the other half die
Other half die, makes you wonder

But here comes the man with the look in his eye
Fed on nothing but full of pride
Look at them go, look at them kick
Makes you wonder how the other half live

The devil inside, the devil inside
Every single one of us, the devil inside
The devil inside, the devil inside
Every single one of us, the devil inside

Here comes the world with the look in its eye
Future uncertain, but certainly slight
Look at the faces, listen to the bells
It's hard to believe we need a place called hell
A place called hell

Here comes the woman with the look in her eye
She's raised on leather with flesh on her mind
Words as weapons, sharper than knives
Makes you wonder how the other half die

I'm really lucky. I have a man who loves me to distraction, a job where I'm actually sweating 3 hours out of 8 (REALLY! It's GREAT! I've dropped a size already!), I have a roof over my head, drink in hand, tunes on the headphones (really really loud!), food in the fridge and a little (not much, but enough so I won't starve and can afford a bus ticket anywhere) money in the bank.
I still want.


The joy of my wanting is that I know I will (eventually) get what I want, even if I have to break a sweat to do it.
I spoke previous post about the 4 of 6 potential fucks.

M is fully aware of our (Sic-un&I) ideas, thoughts and potential intentions. He was here. His problem (and it is surmountable, according to him) is purely moral and has to do with "That's my friend's girl!", but seeing Sic-un OK with the whole thing, (encouraging, really) will come around. Eventually. To wit: "If the kid wasn't here, yeah. I'd be all over it." We've all been friends an awful long time, Sic-un more so than me.
He is, however, the one I can see most being disappointed with, if that makes sense. He is, by his own admission, rather...lacking? in the equipment area. I say small men try harder as a general rule of thumb, but I *have* been disappointed in the past. Yet still I remain optimistic. The glass is half empty, but...Perhaps there is more?

J, the 'baby-waiter', is somewhat cognizant of our relationship rulings (to be specific [ahem]: "I'm very very lucky. He is of a like mind. We both understand a little 'strange' never hurt anybody."). Now, I should add. All thanks to a rather illuminating conversation earlier today with him.
We've been 'hitting on' each other. You tap them with your clenched fist. Note: I said "tap" not "pummel". One of those 'How ya doin', buddy?' taps, you know? I kept tapping him, he kept tapping me. Hitting on each other, you know? So then he starts pounding my back. I warned him he was in danger of being propositioned. Then he scratched my back, lightly, and right above my bra strap. I said "Ok. Now you're in serious danger of being propositioned." He laughed, kept scratching, made mention of being infamous for his backrubs, and looked about. Break was over, I was on my way in, he was on his way in, we went in, he mentioned Sic-un, I said something along the lines of "...the joys of an 'open' relationship. Do what you like, don't let them follow you home" or something like, he said something very akin to 'Really? How very cool.' and then I said the bit of the strange. SO. He's aware, somewhat, of where me & Sic-un are with things. And not adverse, if I'm reading the signs in hte correct manner.

The minor, because he is: NOT UNTIL HE IS 18. I have made that decision. He finds out the next time he's over. Which gives him until January before I turn it on full guns and he gets bowled over. Or not, there is free will, after all.
(Who chained up Will? Dunno. Free him.) Sorry. I'm drinking. I'm tipsy. I like vodka and cherry limeade.
Ahem. before the tangent....
He has full right to refuse what I will knowingly offer him. I *WILL* accept "Um, no." as an answer. Everyone has that right. And the reason he feels kinda oogish about it is due to where I am in his world. But upon 18, he's target.

The other is (to the best of my knowledge) completely unaware of potentiality, methinks. He is attached to someone, afterall. So I hold little... Not regard, not hope...I hold little anticipation of anything happening with him.


So that's where things stand.

We (Sic-un and I) know we're together. Don't leave me for them, please. And we're up front about it, and we'll be up front about it with whomever enters the picture as a fuck-buddy.

A little strange never hurt anyone, as long as both partners are fully aware of what's going on.

In other news, I did a home hack-job on the hair. I have received nothing but compliments. I'll take a picture when I'm sober and freshly showered. Read that as tomorrow morning, with a post tomorrow night.
It's time for pop rocks.

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