Got schnockered last night. M came up, haven't seen him in a bit. And S.o.s-u was here. Interesting times. M brought scoobies (rum&coke) and Bushmill's. We ordered pizza and just sat getting drunk and horny. After M left, Sic-un and I took full advantage of the cleaned-out closet and the swing-set.
If S.o.s-u hadn't been here, M would have tricked me out on the swing-set. He as much admitted being ready to overthrow any moralistic objections there would be on his part, but for the presence of S.o.s-u.

Next Sunday may be 'Let's go to the drive-in' with M and perhaps getting tricked out on the swing-set.
Sic-un wants to have sloppy seconds and I'm game too. I have no moralistic objections to M.
This is important.
I have 5 people right off hand other than M that I could probably get into bed very, very easy.
One has a girlfriend, one is waiting to see if his ex-wife is soon to be baby-momma, one is under-age and the other 2... Um. I personally would rather not, but probably could, for what that's worth.
A little strange never hurt anybody, as long as all parties are fully cognizant of what's going on, and I'm not talking about putting on the rubber gloves, although that may not hurt for at least a few fantasies.
So what's to stop it? It, of course, being my part in all this, with all things taken into consideration.

Ick factor for the under-age... On his part. And nothing too strenuous, just the whole idea of me being who I am and my position in his world. Me? Um. Hm. He's real pretty to look at, lemme put it that way. I still envision him telling 'an adult' that something went on, though. Perhaps as a birthday present? For him?

The one with a girlfriend...She's more serious about it than he is. They're living together but only because the girlfriend lost her job and has a kid from a previous relationship and had nowhere else to go (according to the potential target). To him, as soon as she's got a job and is on her feet, away she goes. I don't think she sees it that way, though, and appears to be in no hurry to find said job.
Baby-daddies can be hard to find here in the buckle of the Bible Belt, and she comes pre-loaded with kid feature. He doesn't particularly want to be baby-daddy, according to him. But it does make for a bit of a sticky wicket. Although he is tall (very tall) and whip-thin but very, very muscular at the same time. Hairy back, though. I'm hesitant due to the girlfriend. I don't want to get in the middle of that.

As for the one waiting to see if he will be baby-daddy... He's cute. He's over-age. He's lost what bit of pudge he had due to ex-wife. He's...interested, if I can read the vibe right. I think there may be a bit of the moralistic thing going on with him. I, after all, somehow belong to Sic-un. Perhaps...hm.
My Japanese shark knows him. Shall I ping her for a 'Whaddya think?'

What do you think, oh Great Blogosphere? For what it's worth, I mean. Keep in mind nobody above mentioned should be very hard to get into bed at all. And it wouldn't be a case of Sic-un watching...he's already made mention of the fact that he wouldn't participate in the outside activities, he would just... well... He would just clean up after the fact, so to speak.
Heh. I'd post pictures of them, but that would be tacky to the extreme, methinks.
So. Out of 6, interested in 4 of them.
M would be easy.
The under-age a little more work and there's still the '6 months until he's no longer under-age'.
Girlfriend for the taller of them.
One is waiting for baby judgment.
Looks-wise, the under-ager is the prettiest. Then kindof a tie for the tallest and the waiting for baby one. They both have their really good points, but they both have bad points (tallest=hairy back, baby-daddy=kinda wishy-washy). Then M, but to be fair, M is the oldest of the 4, he is losing his hair (premature male pattern baldness is NOT a nice thing to pass on to your children), and he has a tech support job (therefore the spare tech-tire).
To rate for ease of predation (for lack of a better term), from easiest to hardest, I'm thinking M, baby-waiter, the under-age, then girlfriend-heavy.
Opinions gathered here. Gimme direction, people.
And order in with Superior, working on finishing the fan next weekend (Friday through Monday off work).


Whirlbrain said...

Why just one?

Darkneuro said...

Sheer laziness o_0

No, really...Given the fact that I live with Sic-un, and I do have a life of sorts? It's a case of time and effort involved and what would be the path of least resistance, you know?

SKiPinCincy said...

Well, which one could you both keep as a friend after the fact? The under-age could be a little risky emotionally, but I just speak from personal experience when I was younger. Jealousy can pop up from the most unassuming sources. I guess I've just mellowed with age. First impressions, M sounds like the better choice. Heck, I'd be happy to volunteer, but I have two strikes against me (being married, and being a few states away). :) Wishing you all the best luck with this.