Today has been a good day.
It was Jellybean's first birthday, and our friends from work invited us to the party.
It always surprises me to find out people I work with actually like me and actually want to socialize with us. We were invited...well, commanded (every new mother's prerogative) to view-coo at the hospital. He was a Jellybean then, and he's one now, both in age and Jellybean status.
So the party was at the local park, and Sic-un was feeling good enough to go... We took the bike to the park.
Wife#2 is at the park.
I'm cute, she looks tired. Her butt is kinda lumpy? Mine has a better shape. Legs...Mine are better. Hips, same-meaning better. Posture? Oh, baby, let me tell you... I won't go into size, there really is no way to 'compare' size because I'm 5'4 or thereabouts and she's something like 5'8 or 9. But I hold myself better. I have no sympathy. Sic-un says she's had it hard since they split.
It's been awhile. Shouldn't she be kinda over it since she initiated things? No sympathy, see? Get OVER it, you know? Quit using it as an excuse. Excuses bore me. Take enjoyment with what you have now, 'cause it may be gone tomorrow. If there was a fire, what would you grab?
My wallet, phone and some clothes.
Really. Purse and clothes.
We're very careful of fire.
Tangent, sorry.
Anyway, she was at the park for a small girl's birthday. Go 'way, so she did.
Jellybean was cute, his parents are sweet. It was a little awkward. We're 'friends from work' and it's really an occasion for family and really close friends, but we were invited. !?!
Again, it always surprises me when people I work with want to socialize with me.
I don't consider myself to be a very interesting person, never have thought that way. It's only been recently that I've started engaging in some conversations, really, and even then, the best way to get along with other people is let them talk about themselves and their children and their lives...
Now we're home and Sic-un is napping because he HAS been sick, really sick, for 3 weeks and now he's feeling a bit better (dr put him on avelox. They use that for anthrax, f'rchris'sake!). But he's tired, hasn't been sleeping well.
There is a bit of pork loin in the slow cooker (brined it overnight, popped it in with onion and water and some spices, it's been going about 6 hours) and we're gonna have pulled pork bbq later.
Nap sounds like a really good idea. Yeah...naptime.

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