Things skittering...

...across my consciousness... These are images my camera has recently taken.

Let's start with the obvious., shall we?

I love the man attached to the ass, and I love this ass (especially in 501's)

Let's not mention the chaps framing that loverly ass

Next up are 2 images that just flabbergasted me in May. The first is from Discovery....

(ahem) If they're pursuing, wouldn't that mean they were running? If they're running, how can they be viscous?

And the next is from one of the public broadcasting affiliates in the area. I suppose I should feel lucky...we not only get the PBS from Knoxville, but we get a channel called create! that's run by one of the public tv conglomerates and our friends at WGBH (c'mon...I watched ZOOM!) and then there's another PBS we get (it's 202, 203 and 204 on our Cablemonster)...This is from create!

It irks me. I grew up on PBS. This is just a very icky bit of text, isn't it?

And finally, my favorite out of the bunch...

We've had fog. And now?

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