This is my drink....

I'm being screwed, so to speak. And not in the good way.

Sic-un has the current head-cold. He popped up Friday: "I think I caught this."
He did.
Saturday, I thought I may have it, so I started decongestants, grabbed sanitizer and wipes for work.
His settled into his chest Sunday.
He was out of work today because of it, and has started antibiotics (technicolor mucous).
Me? I was fine until right before I got out of work tonight.
Now my throat is ticklish, my sinuses are making themselves known in the worst way, and I've started a cough.
So we add cough syrup to take care of that.
I'm sleeping in the spare room, and Sic-un and I have barely touched elbows since Friday.
I'd say that's a screwing. So tonight's beverage of choice is the standard screwdriver, only it may be a bit strong.
The graphic tells the tale. Everything above the line? Vodka. Below? Orange juice.And that's with a swallow or 2 out of it. It went up to 1/2 way between level and the rim. You can see the condensation.
Figure 1 1/2 shots of vodka for every 3/4 cup of juice. And there's about 2 cups of juice. So yeah. And I'm on the second of the evening. I hate illness.


Whirlbrain said...

I've been fighting goo for two weeks.

SKiPinCincy said...

Going into my 2nd week with it...it's ALMOST gone. I hope you and Sic get over it fast, hon. You too, Whirl. This crap has been nasty this year. I've at least been lucky and not had it as bad as some folks I know at work.