Pardon My Suckerpunch...

...I feel an episode of nastiness coming on. Now, now... Don't all you loverly pervy people get your panties into a twist thinking of me being nasty. Not in the good way.

In the 'I'm could potentially be called crazy and will probably piss a lot of people off' kind of way. Take the above initials, please.

No, please. I don't want them any more. Been trying to figure how to get rid of them for years.  The answer always becomes the same thing. "Take this wonder (pill, tea, herbal supplement, lotion)!" Then you get side effects. And it's never quite right. You're always zombified. And yeah, I could take The Pill, I suppose, but..(stolen from Wikipedia, of course).

Combined oral contraceptives may influence coagulation, increasing the risk of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism, stroke and myocardial infarction (heart attack). Combined oral contraceptives are generally accepted to be contraindicated in women with pre-existing cardiovascular disease, in women who have a familial tendency to form blood clots (such as familial factor V Leiden), women with severe obesity and/or hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol level), and in smokers over age 40.

Something just seems a little too... It hits home too closely.  Severe obesity? No....according to the BMI, moderate. Smoker, though. And 40+, and yeah...my familial roots are littered with broken hearts and busted brains. Not a really good candidate to take the one thing that would probably make my PMS a lot easier to deal with.

I think what bothers me is that I can feel it coming on, and have to actively work to keep my mouth from running away with me. I'm having to actively remove myself from the presence of people whom might annoy me... Just in case I have an episode. I kinda forewarned Sic-un this morning. If I actively stay on guard for it, then I can at least say I tried really hard to not be an utter cunt to the entire planet.

And not the Good Kind, either. Bitchy comments pour forth, and once it starts, it just keeps going and going and going... It's worse than the bunny, I tell you. Sex doesn't particularly help, either. If anything, it ends up pissing me off...My body's reactions piss me off. The risk of leg cramps during PMS rises, and I haven't figured that one out... Unless it's all just hormone related and fucked until menopause...
Although it's getting worse as I get older.
Yes, I could go see a doctor. What's the doctor going to say? "Oh, you have polycystic ovarian syndrome. Here. Take the pil...oh wait. You can't. Here. Take this anti-depressant. It'll make it all better." Or worse: "I'm sorry, you're all fucked up down there, we'll have to take the whole works and you better hope like hell you don't die." As I see it, the only thing that can be done about PMS is just quit whining and try and work within the boundaries it gives you.

It's just PMS. I can do this.
Pardon my lip if I get snippy.

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