Came across this....

...and it was too cool, so I had to share.

And update! Current weight loss=16 pounds. My arms are thinning...and the size 16 pants I *just* bought not 3 months ago? Um, yeah, I need to look at potentially taking them in.
Sic-un's birthday is at the end of the month and I have a 4 day weekend to spend with him...and a party at my house! I'll see if I can remain sober enough to be my charming self ;)
And I have made DECENT WHEAT BREAD! I have the white bread experiment in the pan on its final rise right now. I have good thoughts and high hopes about the white. We'll see in about 1 hour, though.
AAAANNnnnnd.... K at work let me ink her incredibly responsive skin. Sparrow on the leg-outline is done. And Sosu...He's been inked. Stained glass cross covering the stupid gang symbol he got on his leg. Why? "My friend said it would be cool."
SIGH. Oh well. At least he gets a decent coverup.

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sic_un said...

am so proud of you