Wabbit Season. Duck Season. Wabbit Season....

...I keep telling myself "Do not hunt at work." It's difficult. It's not that I want to trade Sic-un in or anything (no way in hell would I ever...he's too precious), but variety is the spice of life and I find myself being....hungry, almost, for a little flavor, a little spice. And since things with J have turned out well*, I want to get that same flavor/spice option back again.
So I find myself hunting at the Dimension. This time among the new people. The guy who rides the bike is the most likely target at this point, although there is a surprise candidate in Blondie. She is just cuter than dammit and I wanna make her cry. That's all I can tell you. She intrigues me. The guy who rides the bike...he's more visceral of a turn-on, and it's not even a 'turn-on' per se, more of a 'what if' that starts revving engines and making body parts get ideas... Now, Muscles would be fun to play with, but completely superficial...I think he fancies himself somewhat of a 'player'. He has a there, but his there and my there don't make anyplace, if that can be deciphered. The hippy guy is just... I don't want to go anywhere that brain goes, if that makes sense. I think he took too much.
So the guy who rides the bike... He's about 5'10 or so, dark hair, I'd say he's in his late 20's, early 30's. We have literally just talked in passing. He knows of Sic-un's presence and place in my life, but he doesn't know about our relationship protocols (in passing does not equal deep conversations about whether or not I can fuck around, to put it baldly). I don't know if he has a girlfriend, boyfriend, is or is not looking. No clue.
But he's targeted. And my little guy in my head who keeps things straight for me keeps running around posting up signs telling me No Hunting in the Office.
Plus there's the fact that this is East TN and the climate for the low-key poly I want is seriously overcast.
Yes, you do see what I did there.
I'm flying back to Albuquerque within the week. The Con-man is graduating (my bayybeee boyyyy1!1!!) and still (insert proud here, kids) wants to be a Pilot so he can fly Planes. He decided that when he was practically an infant. This does mean military, methinks. He is being smart and choosing Navy, I think. I think it would help if he has a pilot's license before he goes in, that's what I really think, but... I am the worried (poor) Benevolent Aunt, so I will keep my mouth shut about it. But still. Albuquerque within a week. I'm looking forward to the sun at the correct angle in the sky. Even at noon, the sun is off-center here. And not just a couple inches of shadow either, we're talkin' a full foot in the summer, three in the winter. It rides low in the sky, never making the apex. I need to be scoured by the sand, heated by the sun. I fear I am growing mold here, and want that fine-grained scrub, that drying out.
I need Family. I need people that look like me, those beloved faces. I need those pollens in the air in the desert at this time of year. I need to breathe the air of Home.
And I need to quit hunting at work. There's probably a regulation against it or something, too....

*J... J has a girlfriend now. I wasn't asked my opinion until after the fact, gave my opinion and it has not been mentioned again... She is Not what I would have picked for him, and I think he's being...not needy himself, but I think he sees himself as 'rescuing' her in part, and I wouldn't pick that for anyone. She's very co-dependent and rather wishy-washy.  I still, very very much, love J and will continue to love him. And that's a cool thing.

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