I'm in the middle of my 5 days off in one go from the alternate dimension (dementia? Hrm...). I have B's back plotted so it's going onto paper as we speak. Consuming my thoughts. I kinda like the design. I like the feel of it. Not for me, overall, but I may end up getting one of the images at one time or another.
We've had rain.
I've been exercising. And attempting to eat a bit more properly. No resolution type thing, it's an age thing. I'm going to be 39 in a few weeks.
My tomato plant is no more. It is an ex plant. The philodendron is going gangbusters though. I was expecting it to.
Must.... finish.... drawing.
No, really. I'm doing the left facing raven and then the seagull after that, then the top of the wolf, and I have to figure out the tree....
I was up until 6am today working on it. then up at one-ish for more work on it. I worked on it most of the day. Then dinner and time with Sic-un (waving at Mari "I haven't drawn yours out yet. Need to practice! Gimme a week or 2?"). Bed may call me sooner than this morning, but the drawing definately is.

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