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I've been busy (& I've been kinda lazing about). It's been cold (which makes me lazy. No... Really). Cold and busy (and doing a lot of trashy romance reading - lazy!)
Reading has been the Sign of Seven trilogy. Good set. And some other titles of NR's, too. And I've been watching Sic-un and a game he's playing lately. Not all of it all the time, nonono... I don't want to spoil it for me. I get it next. Yes, of course you can picture me rubbing my hands together with anticipatory glee...
But I have been busy and cold and lazy. That's been my lazy above. Here's the rest.

1/19-It snowed off and on all morning to get this deep. Low was around 9. 4 days after this, it was 60 degrees and sunny.

1/25 - M's Eye of Horus. I so dig her. She is so neat!

2/2- Believe it or not, this is NOT the same photo as the one in January. The bike and car are in different positions. I'm just a creature of habit, and that's where the bike gets parked. And I don't go far out from the porch when it's like that. I'm a smidge clumsy and slippery spaces to walk don't always agree with me. Here's the kicker. This weekend? Yeah. 60's again. Go figure.

But it's still cold today.

And don't you be saying anything about that poor creature in PA 'seeing his shadow'. "There will be 6 more weeks of winter," I've been told. Count it up. Feb. 2 to Mar. 21. G'wan. Grab the calendar. Check out your own, personal hot chick on the wall.

(that's my hot chick on the wall)

See? What's that at the end of the 6th week, there?

What was that? Oh yeah.... March 21. The first day of spring. So. 6 more weeks of winter from Feb. 2?

I turn 39 in 18 more days. You should click on the little widget there in the upper corner and buy me stuff. I'd greatly appreciate it. I suck at veiled hints, so there you go. Nope, not freaking out about it.

I've purchased Sic-un's valentine's gift. No, you cannot know what it is. But I'll post pictures. On Sunday, February 15.

The alternate dimension (begins with w, ends in k? yeah) has been taking huge chunks of my time. Really. Like, 8 hours a day. And laundry. Seems like the laundry never ends. 'Lunch', which is really 'dinner' since it's at 7ish at night in the other dimension has been soup. Yeah. I'm souping it. It's warm, at least.
And my soda consumption has drastically reduced. I'm sort of proud of myself for it.

Before I leave this abrupt update, let me let you stew on some images currently going through my mind in various permutations on a constant basis. These are only a very few of many.

There. Stew on that. See what happens. I have a new drawing pad. And a (smirk) basket weaving kit. And some mags to look at and a grapefruit for practice.

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Whirlbrain said...

Hey, if you like trashy romance, maybe you'll like sexy romance.

Try Lauren Dane (she's a friend of mine, ya know).

I have (I think her second, or third book, Triad) on disk. With her permission, I'd be happy to send it to you.

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