Hello. It's been such a very long time, hasn't it? Nothing inked since finishing the butterfly, although things have been happening.

The Alternate Dimension: Should be called the alternate dementia, which would be a bad pun, so I won't mention it. Wait! I just did. Forgive all bad puns, mmmkay? Herding description changed, no longer telling people time, back to the phones. What makes it all kindof stupid is that I keep getting told 'We want you back where you were' as well as 'That's not our business model', and the strange thing is that it's by the drones with some power. My statement? Make it the business model, it works. We'll see what happens.

Sic-un: OOOh boy. He picked up the machine. I'm happy-dancin', because it means I'll have ink by him (still deciding what design). His? Oh, let's just say an anarchistic square root of a carrot leads to a bar bet. Insert giggle here, Dear Reader. I apologize for the picture quality, it's a little blurry....

Hand, leg and ...well, yeah. It's a bar bet. If a tall, tattooed biker EVER tells you he has your name tattooed on his penis, BELIEVE HIM.

He says he needs to redo the 'r' and the 'e', and he does. He complained about the line quality on the carrot (well, the square root symbol). I think it's fine, and let's face it... It's an awfully long line with no breaks. But it looks fine and it's healing well. He says he's good for simple designs, no shading.

Which leads me to trying to decide what I want from him in ink. I have a few ideas I've been bouncing around, from my Opus on my ankle to a variety of throw-arounds including stick figures doing something around my ankle (think of a flip book spread out...that sort of thing) to a Snoopy (he's never done one)... Maybe a moon or a sun/moon...still very much trying to decide. Placement is up for grabs too, although the back and both biceps are off limits (Back is going to be big and intricate when it's all done and biceps are the only 2 portraits I'd consider--Aunt Mav and Maud Wagner). Any options you give me, Dear Reader, either on placement or subject will be seriously considered.

The 4th of July:
Alternate dimension pays me for Friday (off)(observed holiday), and I have Saturday off, but then go back to work Sunday. We're probably going to go to G&D's Saturday. Tomorrow is a gravy day. Sic-un has to go in, I don't. Still deciding what to cook for din tomorrow. Today, the Alternate dimension is feeding us (burgers, hotdogs, cake since we finish training today). Not sure if we'll be doing any gunpowder related activities, if we do, we'll need to hit a store for it.

Other than that, I need an alignment and a tire, preferably soon.

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