Early this year...

I've filed my taxes for this year. I love being single income, no kids*, standard deduction, no interest income. EZ is suh-weet.
I may change my deductions and not get back as much next year. I dunno. I know it's a free loan to the government and that kind of pisses me off, but it is a kind of nice thing to have a forced savings like this.
Of course, 1/2 goes to each account I have.
Is it wrong I want to buy....things? with my refund, at least in part?
Of course, I've also been eyeballing a bread maker over at Amazon.
I had to dispense Law to the 16-almost-17 year old Son of Sic-un Saturday (sibilance....sibilance...). Boy got into my vodka, dammit! I am grateful he didn't water it down. I'm not grateful he drank 1/2 a bottle. Of Ciroc. $40 a pop and he sucks it down. Over 2 weekends, to be sure, but still... I thought I had given the poor thing food poisoning, instead we might have had to explain alcohol poisoning to his mom.
Egads. Not that. Which was pointed out. Anyhoo, I had to lecture, which made me a bit uncomfortable, but him more so. I laid it on pretty thick, the gist being "Ask and you just might receive, sneak and you're banned. Do it again and you're reduced to only coming up when you can be fully supervised." He didn't like that, spent the rest of his weekend... Well, for lack of a better phraseology, he engaged me in conversation on an almost constant basis. I can't decide if it's nerves, ingratiating (and he's not the type for that) or just boredom.
I've had to look my approaching childlessness-FOREVER (menopause) pretty square in the eye lately, and I have to say I'm not disappointed in the fact I haven't had kids. I think I'd make a shitty mom, at least while their infants. And I do have to say I'm just a bit too permissive (although that's based mostly on mom raising me... I can do it as long as I can do it in front of her. OK. Drinking, good. Smoking, good. Anything else? Not on your life.). S.o.S-u has no inhibitions... It's kind of funny, actually. We tease him mercilessly. Well, hell, he's 16-almost-17 and he's tall and good looking. He's a non-painted, hairless young Sic-un without the chin-divot. Really. So he has to beat the girls off with a stick. We tease him. He blushes, but there's no 'Hey, no fair' or "That's off limits", which I would fully expect him to do. He's quite self-possessed. He is also kindof spoiled, to be sure, but that's understandable, he's the baby. of that particular grouping.
Ah well.
Another day, another bit of scratch to make it through another day.

*SINK: Single Income, No Kids.
Dink=Double income, no kids.
Sik and Dik....Single and Double Incomes, Kids.
Lump=Living with Unmarried Partner
I love acronyms sometimes.

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Whirlbrain said...

I'm still awaiting my W2. And then I have to wait for student loan interest statement.

I always file right at the last minute.