It's a little after midnight...

...Today is my 'Friday', so to speak. After 7:45 PM EST, I get 4 days off. I may actually finish my fan. S.o.S-u. should be coming up this weekend and hey! He's a Birthday Boy somewhere in the vicinity, so a choco cake (alas! a mix! But messed with. cannot be that lazy. ) is forthcoming. Not worried about laundry, I'll live in my sweats and a negligible pair of jeans if I must go out this weekend. There's food in the freezer, there is toilet paper, we have liquids, solids, soap, shampoo.... We'll be fed and squeaky clean. There is supposed to be another storm coming through, so the stores will see a rush of people purchasing dairy and bread. I get paid sometime Thursday night/Friday morning, and my taxes are done and should hit tomorrow or Friday.

I say the storm should be coming through because Weather is hedging its bet and saying "Hey, we don't know what that low pressure system will develop into, but we're saying prepare for the worst!". Sic-un puts his bike in the shop Friday (collateral damage from the last little pissing contest Mom Nature had), as well as tire and rebuild on the forks. So he'll be out his bike, but he can use my car, and it's really only for a couple days. Then I'll get up and shower early-but not necessarily get dressed to go early- take him in, go back to the house, get dressed, go in myself. For probably a week. That's the shop's usual turnaround time, really. If they're on the ball, it could only be a couple days.

I may still get that breadmaker, but I'm most certainly buying those sheets. I will tell you they are warm. Not electric, no... I don't trust the wiring in this house enough to use an electric blanket, so the bed is cold when I do make it in there. Insomnia is not a friend. I hesitate to take a pill for it because it may make me groggy, but I may take one tonight. I want to get through tomorrow and not freak out. The stress...it burns. Where was I? Oh. The sheets. Apparently they're only in the bed size in something called Denim, which they don't show a picture of, but they're fleece sheets, like the fuzzy blankets I got at the sprawlmart ...After Halloween 2007. Fleece. Warm, soft, fleece. If they pill up, I don't care. That's why you wash on cold, gentle cycle and dry on low. Oh, for a warm bed. I first thought flannel, but then thought "Well, no, the flannel you've felt and seen lately has been shit, and you really don't want to pay that much for a set that will last as long as those ones you picked up on special. They lasted what? 10 years? Something like? And to get that NOW with flannel, you gotta move up to the $75+ price points...nah. These are clearance, these should do nicely." It will Spring soon.

So I'll spend the money, but it's for useful things, although they are not by any means necessary... Well, the breadmaker may be. I can't bake bread to save my life. I don't know if I overknead or what, but my bread skills are sadly lacking. I can (as proven at my mother's house for several years) follow breadmaker recipes and load them in. I CAN MEASURE AND DUMP, which is basically what it needs. And it does it rectangular loaves, not the round ones Mom's does.

Taking 1/2 a pill. OTC sleep med. Non-habit forming. I have to get sleep if I'm to deal with-
Further deponent sayeth not.
This made me laugh today. I hope it does the same for you.

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No, I did not see that coming LOL!