...I have been SOOOO busy....

I took my state licensing exam, training then for the new campaign, since then work-work-work, and throw in a weekend or 2 or 3 filled with cleaning and laundry and general laziness, what-not and
You missed me, admit it, all...3? of you? Maybe? still reading.
I dunno...I haven't felt the urge to write recently, which kinda pisses me off. Honestly, I haven't much felt like doing anything lately, pretty much due to work and cleaning and laziness. Go figure.
I cleaned the kitchen, but I started it because ants had invaded. That means "clean 'cause you're missing something, then spray, then keep clean until apathy sets in again".
It's been a week, and apathy hasn't set in. It looks bigger. I like it. I'm contemplating washing the windows, even.
I will attempt to tackle the living room next. Hell, there's still boxes from Xmas under the table. They're empty, they're relatively stacked, but there they sit. I am talking about my fabulous circa-1954 formica with aluminum frame dining table set. Strangely enough, the 'set' came with 3 center leaves (4ft x 3ft w/o, each leaf is 1ft) and only 4 chairs. But still, it's enough for us.
We filled out our census. Strangely enough, we never received the form in the mail. We got the nag postcard that says there is still time left, but we didn't get the actual census. So we called. Or rather, Sic-un called. If you haven't received your form, go to census.gov and click on FAQs at the top. Big pink box at the top. Yeah. You can call it in, so he did. Made the census taker giggle. I love that man.
Speaking of....
Poor man has been physically sick since the beginning of the week. Dr said stomach virus, then gave him a prescription for antibiotics and phenergren. He's back to work tomorrow, feels mostly better, still a little nausea.
I'm fit as a fiddle. A bit of a headache tonight, but other than, no worries.
I'm actually anxiously begging the rain gods to take it easy on Saturday. I'm planning on a bit of punishment for S.o.s-u... Idiot child decided to tell his mother he was staying here for the weekend plus (through Tuesday) last visitation, but actually only stayed through Sunday early-afternoon before driving off. Guess who called up looking for him later that night? Yeah, mama.
The moral of this story is "You don't throw your father under the bus."
That's simple, right? So this weekend, if the child is here, and if the rain gods are appeased by my promises of thirsty plants and seeds, I'm gonna get flowerbeds cleaned out and planted. Picture a happy dance here.
Sic-un says it's not punishment, he's going to make it so it's now normal for yard-work because it is late spring. No more vid games and random teevee throughout the 1 1/2 to 2 days he's typically here. He will sit and do nothing but exercise his texting muscles if you let him, so...
I don't think he's going to be very happy.
And if it's raining.... well, SoSu is going to be helping me with the housework. He can sort stuff that's stacked on the tables. He can run the vacuum (although I dig that vacuum still and kinda enjoy using it). Hell, I'll drag him to the store with me and make him fetch/carry. reminder: yogurt. you want yogurt. put it on the list.

Work. Ahem. I am actually enjoying my job for the first time in years. I haven't been called a cunt, bitch, whore, fucker, asshole, bitch, or cocksucker in weeks. I mean, of course, by the anonymous caller on the end of the telephone line.
Call me crazy, but I have never called up a business with an issue or a comment or a service that needed to be done and cussed out the person on the other end of the line. Ever. EVER. I've made comments after I've ended the call if they seemed especially incompetent, sure, but I have NEVER called an anonymous service worker names because I didn't get my way. EVER.
And now? Now... Now it's sunny and 72 in the Temple (christened so by some of my coworkers. I shall use it shamelessly). I'm interested, I'm learning, I'm enjoying it. No cussing.
It's completely alien to me. And this is after...20 years experience with telephone customer service positions. I finally get to a campaign where the customer doesn't treat me like dirt. I'm thrilled, frankly, and getting a little weirded out by my gushing.

An old friend dug this out...
Mid school (ahem). Scanned from the yearbook. This would have been... 6th grade? Yeah, 6th. Gotta love the humongous and heavy glass-glasses. Yes. I was blind as a bat.

I've got to get my real house in order so I can get my House in order. While I'm getting the House in order, I'm going to be working on Studio. I've asked for some days off in May, so I will have some freetime. I won't say what I'll be doing, but it will be either house, House or Studio. And making $40 more a week due to the new raise is nice. Doesn't appear to have kicked me to the next tax bracket, but time will tell. This weekend is a free paycheck.

And it is a bit of that so I leave you to go to bed (aw, c'mon. You see it, you know you do.)

What have YOU been up to?


Whirlbrain said...

You had me up until the shoes.

Glad you're enjoying the job. I'm almost liking mine, even if I'm on night shift. It turns out I like the people at night better than the sniveling rats during the day.

spcknght said...

Been dealing with spring apathy, death of my one remaining grandparent, becoming a great-grandparent myself, and right now fighting off the worst cold I've had in the past year. Otherwise, life as usual.
Oh, and I'm working on a relaunch of RFG--will keep you advised.