stormy weather

I stood outside in the rain tonight for the first time in over a year. The lightning had stopped by the time the rain started coming down appreciably.  There's a difference in the raindrops when it's just misting and then when it's started coming down in earnest, but still gently. The texture of the wet is different. The former just leaves you feeling a bit damp and unsatisfied. The latter runs down your arms and drips down the nape of your neck, gathering the salt from the sweat of the day, diluting it and washing it away.
The latter is a cleansing rain.
The former just makes you feel sticky, especially here. 90% humidity can feel like someone punching you in the chest, and has chased me into air conditioning more than once.
I knew the rain was chasing away the salt in my skin because I could taste it.
I wanted to be on my knees swallowing a pretty dick, the rain coming down all around and on me, feeling the drops on my scalp through my hair, on my shoulders through my shirt, tasting it on my lips, my tongue, saltiness from the rivulets coming down the flesh, soaking up the wet, the damp, the cool into fevered flesh...

Yes, I'm horny.
I'm really really horny.
I want to explore some of my...more complicated fantasies.
Those would be the ones with more than one person. Still... Wanting and having are 2 different things and I shouldn't want more than I have.
Hell, I've got more sex than I can shake a stick at.
I keep expecting to hear James Earl Jones saying "The libido is strong in this one." YES, I know. Silly, but still. I'm walking horny. My brain shuts down my body for a week or so during my period, but only because I don't want to deal with the mess involved, so sex becomes a solitary adventure, played out in the shower or with rubber gloves and a towel. So the libido doesn't quit. Ever. And it's getting worse. I'm starting to look at women the way I do men. That would be the old 'Would you hit it?' question. But every guy in my vicinity. J? Oh my yes. Sos-u? *whine-whine*...J(2)? Ooooh, his gf, too. She's short and cute. Mako, Squishy, hell, even married guys are targeting now. Sic-un? YES, please and thank you.
I feel hungry for flesh and biting and teeth and pounding and sweating and screaming...
The good kind of screaming.

I wonder what J is doing Sunday...

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Whirlbrain said...

Okay, word verify is "glute." How funny is that?

I'm really, really horny today too. Two times this "morning" my wood woke me up (it's like sleeping on a Volkswagen - - ha ha).

I planned on going out for my Birthday . . . maybe collect a lay.

Nah. That's not what I want as a gift.

I might just be into some solo sex tonight.