That was interesting!

J (on vacation time for the first part of the week) came over last night... Well, actually called while I was at the grocery store, and although I had my cell, it was in the car.
Yeah... This is how much I think about my phone... I left it in the car while I stepped into the store. Forgot I had it with me, actually. Anyway. While I was picking up garlic toast, J was just waking up after a 15 hour nap and wanted to see if I was home for some cameraderie.
I called him back, he was in the shower. He finished, called me back, came over,-- {hold music}...sorry had to get the oil changed...(that was Sic-un. He's right. I did.)--we talked and had crock-pot chili (with NO leftovers!! WOOHOO!) and a couple of drinks and then Sic-un came home from work and ate and we all talked and what not.

One thing led to another.
That particular what-not above is J and Sic-un playing geek and showing off all their D&D stuff to each other. As in, "Dude, these are my DICE!" "Oh, DUDE! Are those the cracked crystal series? COOL!" and discussions of campaigns and characters.
Made me want to pull out my +10 Tits of Hypno... Oh. Wait. I did o_0

OH! I was introduced to a new cocktail. A Caramel Apple. Sour Apple Pucker and butterscotch schnapps. Mine was about a 40/60 apple/butterscotch. J's was 60/40. Sic-un abstained, not liking the flavor (he's a Tyrconnell man).
Passes were eventually made and accepted, Sic-un played Fallout3 (again/yet/still) and we (J&I) adjourned to the spare room. It admittedly feels a little weird, just taking someone to bed with Sic-un right there, but I have a distinct feeling that I will get over that in short order.


He can't kiss worth a hill o'beans. GREAT hands. Really great hands, and I really like his bite technique. My neck is almost invisibly bruised from that bite technique. No hickey, just... bruised. Right there, on that tendon/muscle arrangement. Yeah. There... Where my lanyard for work rests all day? Feel-good sore, but still a smidge sore.
Nicely sized, and you know what? He has a pretty dick. It's just cute. It curves up really nicely, and it's kinda thin, longer than he said it was, and it's really well shaped, except for one unfortunate part:  The doctor or nurse or whoever circumcised him should be shot. His frenulum is scarred, to the point of affecting sensation, so although he can pretty much go and go and go (can we say Battery Bunny?), part of the ability to do so lies with scar tissue and nerve damage. And that's sad, 'cause he's a hoot and I want him to feel really good.
He likes blow jobs and complimented my technique.
Sic-un? Honey? One of the reasons you get teeth when I go down on you is because of your width and I have a relatively small mouth.
This means J didn't get teeth and complimented me on my technique. I enjoyed that, very much. Gave me warm fuzzy glows to know I haven't lost it.. I've only honed my love of fellatio on narrow-dicked men.
He fucks well. Strong, good hips, and a very steady rhythm.
He does need to learn a couple things: He needs to learn how to kiss. Admittedly I'm now one of his "Can count the # of women I've had sex with on one hand!" women now, but he really needs to learn how to kiss. And he needs to learn to give up some control of rhythm if he ever says 'Ride 'em, cowgirl!' again. I wanna grind when I'm on top, and it's a little hard to grind with a very steady rhythm going from down below. The only other complaint I have is that it is now OFFICIALLY My!Experience! that once guys find out a) you are multi-orgasmic and b) it doesn't take much to make you cum if the hit JUST the right spot, they will treat you like a dog with a bone worrying over marrow. Which is to say I came and came and came and came and came and came again, not because I am or was particularly overwhelmingly crazed with sex, but because I think he made it his mission to find Darkneuro's magic buttons and then shamelessly exploited the knowledge.
Anyway. We are in accord: A good GREAT time was had. A fun time was had. And we are also in accord that 'time' will (most likely) be repeated.

And then I went to bed at 5:30am and had to get up at 8:30am. So now I'm tired.
Really tired.
And there's your story for the evening. Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite. They're nasty little things.

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SKiPinCincy said...

*like*. Glad to hear the happy result and that a good time was had by all.

Again, I have to remind you that didn't I say Tennessee was going to be good for you? ;)