Ooh, I have a dirty, dirty heart....

Comparisons can do WONDERS for my disposition at the strangest times. First, MINE.

I have finished! NaNoWriMo. I'm not posting the story here. I've considered it at great length, actually. It is posted elsewhere under my real name, so if you can find it, you're welcome to read it that way. HOWEVER... there is a such thing as an email, guys.  If you want the doc, lemme know. I'd recommend it, and I'm not saying that 'cause I wrote it. I'm actually not thrilled with the ending, but was afraid of really letting loose and then having to edit heavily. I will probably still redo the end a bit. I am, though, talking about as a reader. I have actually gone back and read it JUST for the story. Did that this past weekend, read it again just for the reading...

It's been cold and rainy, then sunny and crisp, then dreary and raining and ...UGH. Mother Nature must still need Prozac. It's affecting my mood. The alternate dimension has been... lackluster? Yeah, good word for it. Just kinda... blah. I haven't been feeling *great* lately, you know? And my computer has caught a bug, quite a serious bug. I now have to reformat (but don't want to w/o a restore disc-ordered and supposedly on its way- and my program discs from the MotherShip). The house is still a wreck, I can't seem to muster the drive or the energy to clean it all up. I'm supposed to be starting on a piece for a girl from the AD this upcoming weekend. Nervous as hell about it, considering postponing. I don't have 2 small bits done on it, and just.
UGH, you know?
And S.o.s-u is moving in 'sometime'. Yes, yes, the 'spare room' is now going to be 'S.o.s-u's room'. He's 17, as I think I've mentioned. And a clothes horse, and a walking stomach. SO. Water bill/amount of laundry/food bill just expanded. I'm OK with it. I get it. I (mostly) understand the dynamics behind it, but I really hope nobody (and I do mean NOBODY) is looking to me to provide any kind of 'parenting'. I can word things well. I give great advice. HOWEVER, I am permissive, overly so, and the fact that he's just so cute doesn't help much, you know?

I'm a sucker for a pretty face.

Which brings me to my dirty heart and how I like to make it feel good. You see the above figure, right? NaNo's, I mean? It's 66704. Finished on the 23rd. Not to brag (oh, hell, I'm bragging, baby!), but 16704 over the 50K 'finish line'.
Ahem. Idiot is apparently in Nano this year, too. As of just a few minutes ago? It's now the last day to write. It's the 30th, it's the end of the month. Let's bask in someone else's lack of follow through, shall we?

The thing speaks for itself.

With that, g'night!

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SKiPinCincy said...

Congrats on finishing! Drop me a line with the locale as I'd LOVE to read the finished product, even in it's rough state.